Contributions and Charges

Voluntary Contributions, Charges and Fees have been adopted as per the Department of Education Policy. 2020 Schedules have now been approved by the Finance Committee and endorsed by the School Board.

The Finance Committee and School Board have endorsed the schedules for these charges as required by the Financial Directorate. The payment of Voluntary Contributions impacts significantly on what we as a school can offer and provide for your child in addition to their core educational curriculum.

The school is required to fund core programs and curriculum related learning from the School Grant received each year. Payment and collection of voluntary contributions covers student incurred costs across each learning area and at each year level as per the 2020 schedule.

Parents are asked to consider these expenses when choosing to pay or not to pay this minimal amount for your child’s educational journey.

Download booklet here – 2020 Brookton DHS Contributions and Charges updated 23.10.19

Payment plans are welcome and encouraged.


Secondary Assistance Scheme (S.A.S.) & ABSTUDY

 For Year 7 to 10 Students

All Secondary students have been issued with information and enrolment forms for the SAS Scheme. $235.00 is paid to the school for fees and parents receive a $115.00 allowance for

Parents who receive Centrelink payments will need to apply for the ABSTUDY Grant through their local Centrelink office – please note that ABStudy is subject to attendance

School Times

School Day Commences 8.45am
Recess 10.40am to 11.00am
Lunch Bell 12.40pm to 1.20pm
School Day Ends 3.10pm
Monday early close 2.40pm
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