School Board

Brookton DHS School Board 

All board members promote the underlying principles of:

  1. respectful partnerships;
  2. clear and honest two-way communication;
  3. transparent processes;
  4. democratic, informed decision making; and
  5. personal and professional integrity

The Board’s first consideration is that the school’s values are in the best interests of students.

Board Members are:

Chris Hartl

Darren Simpson

Deputy Principal
Kris Dewson Hall

Executive Officer
Roslyn Wright

Liz Lange
Charlene Hayden

Shire Representative
Chris Hartl – Councillor

P&C Representative
Tim Evans – President

Parent Representatives
Rosalie Pech Eva
Damien Rushton
Marika Eva
Merranie Bowring
Charlene Hayden
Tarlah Seaman

Seabrook  Aboriginal Corporation Representative
– Chairperson

– Vice Chairperson/Director



School Times

School Day Commences 8.45am
Recess 10.40am to 11.00am
Lunch Bell 12.40pm to 1.20pm
School Day Ends 3.10pm
Monday early close 2.40pm
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